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every disney/dreamworks/20th/animation songs: Hercules » I Won’t Say I’m In Love

If there’s a price for rotten judgement; I guess I’ve already won that. My head is screaming, “Get a grip girl!” Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out.

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A Song of Ice & Fire Meme

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He had a little pointed chin beard now, and threads of silver in his dark hair, though he was still shy of thirty. They went well with the silver mockingbird that fastened his cloak. Even as a child, he had always loved his silver.

     - Catelyn IV, AGOT

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"And yet they keep telling me that House Lannister won this war."

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Heal - Ico

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Artworks that shows what happens after Shadow of the Colossus and before Ico

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Shadow Of The Colossus

Created by Erik Hohenfels

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Game of Thrones  + Swords

this is so important

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Totally forgot to post this when I first made him!

Kingler Custom Plush.

Kingler and Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

Plush is by me.

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Cradling the egg with both hands, she carried it to the fire and pushed it down amongst the burning coals. The black scales seemed to glow as they drank the heat. Flames licked against the stone with small red tongues. Dany placed the other two eggs beside the black one in the fire. As she stepped back from the brazier, the breath trembled in her throat. She watched until the coals had turned to ashes. Drifting sparks floated up and out of the smokehole. Heat shimmered in waves around the dragon’s eggs. And that was all.

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I wake up and get on skype with my boyfriend, and once I tell him that no one knows its my birthday because I hadn’t told anyone, he goes on a mass messaging spree and sends messages to all my friends that its my birthday and to send me mystery gifts on League of Legends and to wish me a happy birthday. What a fucking sweetheart, he’s kind of the best.

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